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Source and measure voltage, current, and resistance with just one tightly coupled instrument. I-V system, curve tracer, and semiconductor analyzer capabilities at a fraction of their cost.

DMM7520 Touchscreen Image

Key Touchscreen SMU Specs

  • Up to 210V, up to 7A dc/7A pulse, up to 100W max
  • Sensitivities as low as 10nV and 10fA sensitivity
  • 0.012% basic measure accuracy
  • 6½-digit resolution
  • >250,000-point reading buffer
  • Four-quadrant source and sink operation
  • Built-in context-sensitive help

Get the Model 2460 Data Sheet
Get the Model 2450 Data Sheet

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Check out the Powerful and Easy-to-use User Interface

Designed with you in mind, Model 2450 and 2460 flexibility makes the instrument inherently easy to use, regardless of your experience level.

Configure an I-V Sweep
In just a few seconds, you can create a simple current vs. voltage sweep. No longer do you need to worry about complex menu structures to find the parameters you need to set. No other SMU in this class has the ability to create a sweep with such ease.

Icon-based Menuing
A simple icon-based menu structure reduces configuration steps by as much as 50 percent and eliminates the cumbersome multi-layer menu structures typically used on soft-key instruments.

Built-in Graphing
Convert raw data into useful information with the built-in graphing capability. Using the touchscreen, you can zoom in and out of specific data using pinch and zoom gesturing. You can literally touch your data.


Get More Done in Less Time.
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See how the Model 2450 Touchscreen SMU Instrument can increase your productivity with a whole new user experience.

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